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Merx Consulting is a complete Business Solution for businesses to start and grow. With a passion for the business world, Merx Consulting’s mission is to help business of all sizes succeed. The downturn in the economy triggered a spike in the unemployment rate, causing a major shortage in the job market. A Bachelor’s Degree no longer promises a career; and even individuals with a Master’s Degree struggle finding jobs. This major shift in the workforce created new opportunities for self-employment.

These individuals are highly skilled and talented in their fields. Some even have the experience and expertise at a senior experience level. However, when they open their own business, they struggled. Many failed in the first or second year in business. As a matter of fact, 90% of startups failed according to Forbes. According to Forbes, these are some of the reasons why businesses failed: a lack of a business model, poor marketing, ignore customers (not interactive enough), unable to define market niche, don’t use network/advisors, and getting burnt out. One of the other biggest challenges in

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a startup is funding. This is why business owners decided to do everything themselves, from marketing to printing, to web design, and so much more. However, most of these products and services are much more affordable than business owners think. The financial investment in marketing professionals, business consultants, web design, etc., will go a very long way. But doing it the wrong way, it will cost much more money to repair, especially in this digital era.

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Merx Consulting provides most of the business services that a business owner needs to run a business, such insurance services, design & print, website design, credit card processing, business consulting, a full marketing services, and much more. Our goal is to become your partner and journey with you to success. Our clients range from sole proprietors to corporations. We cater our packages and services to each business, because no two businesses are identical.

Time is money. Business owners and company executives should not go to multiple places for different products and services. Merx Consulting not only have a team of professionals working on each project, but we are also connected to a number of networks ready to assist your business in every way. We are proudly involved in community, non-profit, professional associations, chambers of commerce, political associations, and student organizations. Our networks become your network.

We have a combined experience of over a 50 years in consulting and managing businesses. We provide convenience of all the essential products and services to run a business. We service clients throughout California and other states. With a team of professionals supporting your business every step of the way, you can be confident that your business will succeed. And that…is our mission.

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Helping business succeed

With over 50 years combined experience in starting and managing different businesses, Merx Consulting is here to help YOUR business get started and succeed. Our goal is to become your resources hub, catering uniquely to each business, from sole proprietors to non-profits, and even large corporations. We focus on Marketing Strategic Planning, Consulting, and providing multiple services that every business must have: Event Coordinating, Design & Print, Marketing Strategic Planning, Merchant Processing, Website Design, and Insurance Services.

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